sliced bread neville!

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What did I just do for the first time in eleventy kajillion years?

...oh, put on the complete Harry Potter soundtrack and sorted some applications at sorting_elite!

I practically forgot how to comment, but I did it. -__-

me me me!

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I am not a dead Cat.

Just mostly kinda busy with my new promotion and not around much but you miiiight have noticed me sticking my nose in here and there. Hopefully I can do that more often. I miss you guys. .__.

I hope everybody is doing okay! ♥

...And holy moly Livejournal has changed since I last posted! Eeep.
me me me!

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Dear State Government-

I bet you're having a great time sunbathing and reading on the beach but...please open again? Pretty please with rainbow sprinkles on top?

I needed another job like yesterday and those are v. tough to find right now if I wanna stay in the non profits. AND I DO!! _-_

And I wanna go to the state parks this summer. >>;

<333 Forever,

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