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The visual description is here! Scroll past the pictures!



Visual description:

Title: Sparkling letters that read "THE BEST NEUROSCIENCE STUDY GUIDE EVER

Image: A small orange kitten peering up on a white background.
Text: You're pretty amazing, if you think about it. See, everything that happens in your body is controlled by these tiny things called neurons.

Image: A huge tabby cat being held by a girl. And I do mean huge! It's almost the size of a bob cat!
Text: No, tinier.

Image: A photoshopped image of a kitten sitting in the palm of someone's hand. It's probably about four inches long.
Text: Even tinier.

Image: Another photoshop of a REALLY tiny kitten, barely bigger than a thumbnail, sitting between the fingers of someone's hand.
Text: Close enough!

Image: A grey tabby kitten staring at a glass of milk.
Text: These super useful chemicals called neurotransmitters are made in your neurons.

Image: A kitten looking very confused, with the text "WHUT" written on it.
Text: They pop into existence, made by these things called enzymes. (Don't worry, you're not gonna get tested.)

Image: A mother Siamese cat sitting in a basket with a litter of kittens.
Text: You can sorta think of enzymes like the neurotransmitters' moms, if you want! XD

Image: An orange tabby kitten chewing on the rim of a basket.
Text: After they're made, they're packed into these little things called vesicles.

Image: An orange tabby curled up in a tiny white box.
Text: Almost.

Image: A cat face peering out of a narrow bag. It looks like a kitten spring roll!
Text: Not quite.

Image: Two kittens, one grey and one brown, nestled in tea cups.
Text: That'll do.

Image: A big furry ragdoll cat sitting on a keyboard in outer space
Text: So these little neurotransmitter vesicles sort of float around in their neurons until...

Image: A calico cat springing into the air. There are yellow stars all over the next three images.

Image: An orange kitten leaping in the air.

Image: A jumping cat with lightning coming out of its paws.
Text: ZAP!

Image: A kitten bounding happily through a bright green field.
Text: A tiny little shock called an action potential pushes the neurotransmitters out of their vesicles and...they're free!

Image: A person grabbing a grey tabby kitten by the scruff of its next. The kitty looks annoyed!
Text: ...Almost.

Image: A white kitten sitting in a person's lap. It's sitting human-style and looking very pleased with itself.
Text: Lots of the time, they hook onto other neurons at cozy little places called post-synaptic receptors.

Image: A white kitting laying on its back across a computer keyboard keyboard.
Text: Sometimes, they hang around in their home neuron on things called auto-receptors and stop others from getting out of the neuron.

Image: A furry cat but and tail walking through a cat door.
Text: Eventually, most neurotransmitters go back to their home neuron.

Image: A mother tabby cat wth a grey kitten in her mouth.
Text: And sometimes enzymes come back around and scoop them up.

Image: A fuzzy little kitten sitting at the bottom of a stairway, looking around the corner very curiously.
Text: But not before that little spark, that action potential, has done something.

Image: A black and white tuxedo cat sitting a a cat-sized computer, using a cat-sized mouse.
Text: Maybe it helped you do some math!

Image: A calico cat looking very silly as he's about to sneeze.
Text: Or sneeze!

Image: A calico cat looking very happy as he chomps on a cob of corn.
Text: Or taste a corn!

Image: A tiny orange kitten sitting in a cat bed, with a kitty smile on his face.
Text: Or smile.

Image: A mother cat laying with a kitten. They look like they're hugging!
Text: We actually really hope you smiled.

Image: A bunch of orange firework flares forming the face of a cat on a sidewalk at night.
Text: And in each moment you're alive, there are like kajillion of these things sparking through your body, firing away with ideas and memories and emotions, like some crazy beautiful fireworks in a summer sky.

Image: A grey kitten snuggling with a yellow lab dog.
Text: You're pretty amazing, if you think about it.

This week, I've worked with one Mr. alephz who has written a stirring and basically awesome ode to SCIENCE! right here!

Aaaand many many special thanks go out to teaberryblue, without whom this entry wouldn't have even been possible! ♥
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